Nov 2012 17

Gobble gobble, gobble gobble.We accept you.One of us, one of us.

On Wednesday we’ll celebrate  going to sleep whenever we want and waking up whenever we please- on a weekday !!!  Jameson ladies might stop by and make our  night a little more fun too.

Then on Thursday we’ll wake up just in time for dinner. Some of you will have a nice family reunion and then go back to sleep to gather your strength for one more day at work. Or maybe you took this chance to buy yourself a plane ticket and get out for a while and be close to those you love. But if you are like a lot of us who don’t care so much about Friday or whose families are way too far or you just had enough of turkey, watching tv and playing with kids then you should spend it with our family.

We’ll be doing a Misfits Thanksgiving Potluck. We bring something, you bring something, we’ll fill our bellies and toast and give thanks and talk to likeminded people.

As Hans in “Freaks” said:  Give me that little black bottle..