Oct 2012 18


We are building this altar together! Next time you come by bring something that represents your loved ones or just bring decorative items that you like. It can be anything from a drawing, a flower, an object, etc., or you can have fun decorating a sugar skull.  We’ll have sugars skulls for you to decorate on the last two weeks of October. You can leave them on the altar or take them home.You can even use this place as a way of displaying your artwork. 

So, what’s “El Día de los Muertos”  and what is this altar all about?

Day of the Dead has roots in Aztec tradition where families would reunite an honor their dead ones with offerings. This kind of honoring also includes visits to their gravesites, flowers, food and pictures of the deceased placed on the Day of the Dead altar. Nowadays it’s a 3 day celebration that calls upon the spirits of our ancestors to invite them to live among us; therefore honoring and honoring their special place is a must. 

This holiday celebrates their lives and our love for family members and friends who departed. 

altar @ La Cuevita 2012